Chairman of Scientific Jury
prof. Aivaras Kareiva

The first European Union Science Olympiad (EUSO) took place in Dublin City University in 2003. During the last 8 years the EUSO were held in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden and Czech Republic. The 10th European Union Science Olympiad (EUSO 2012) is welcome in Lithuania.

Vilnius University is delighted to have the participants of EUSO 2012 here at Faculty of Chemistry. I would like to thank the EUSO Governing Body for the decision to organize this Olympiad in one of the Baltic countries. All participants will be our guests and suitably hosted by Faculty of Chemistry. Many of participants will travel long distances to Vilnius and this will serve to remind us all just how important this work is.

We want all children, regardless of race, creed or circumstance to achieve their full potential. The task of EUSO is to make it possible. Mission of Faculty of Chemistry will be to provide practical, step by step assistance. Apparently, thanks to this event, we will have a huge impact also on the ongoing science education in Lithuania. It will serve our goal I know we all share – the full development of the human personality.

Once again, we are honoured to have EUSO 2012 with us this year. It will be a pleasure to see so many of best teachers, students and mentors here at Faculty of Chemistry of Vilnius University.

Young generation prepare yourself to be challenged, excited and inspired.

Prof. Aivaras Kareiva
Dean of Faculty of Chemistry
Vilnius University