Share your impression about EUSO 2012

Share your impression about EUSO 2012

In the age of high-tech communication postcards are still the fun and easy way to get in touch, aren’t they? On the last day of EUSO 2012 students and mentors were given a bunch of specially designed postcards. Cards with a photo of a girl on it were filled out by participants in Vilnius. Messages about their stay in Lithuania were then sent to participants’ homes. Hopefully, every single postcard has already reached its recipient!

EUSO organizers and volunteers have been working hard to make the Olympiad in Vilnius an event to remember and enjoy. And now we are asking you to share with us your thoughts and memories of EUSO 2012. What have you enjoyed the most about your time in Vilnius? After the farewell party every team received a few grey postcards from their guides – this is our little request for feedback.

Tell us what you liked, what event you will never forget or what could have been done better, or maybe you have something else to say to EUSO 2012 organizers, scientific jury or the volunteer team… go ahead! Feedback is very important to us so please fill out the postcard with your brightest memories and impressions from this years’ Olympiad and send it back to us.

We can’t wait to get a postcard from YOU!

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