On the way to world record

On the way to world record

It’s the day after TEST 1 and all the students were going to the second biggest city in Lithuania – Kaunas. After 1,5 hours in the bus EUSO2012 participants met 11th grade students from Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis gymnasium who took our young scientists for an excursion in Kaunas old town. Local students showed them the most beautiful and secret places of their city.

By the time they had come to Tadas Ivanauskas zoology museum many contacts were exchanged. But the museum wasn’t the only purpose to go to Kaunas. Every participant had a special mission – in the afternoon they arrived to leisure and entertainment center “Mega” to participate in assembling the highest voltage potato battery. Team from every country had to connect their potatoes using zinc and copper electrodes to assemble their country’s battery. Then it was time to connect all the 22 batteries together…

Did we break the Guinness world record? We aren’t sure yet – because of very high resistance there were only few moments when the voltmeter showed the right voltage – later it started dropping and all we saw was 450 Volts. But we are sure about one thing – there has never been such a good time to make science using a potato.

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