EUSO torch is passed to Luxembourg

EUSO torch is passed to Luxembourg

EUSO 2012 has already become a part of history. Joyful moments of the week spent together in Vilnius will remain in our memories. However, from now on we are looking forward to the next years’ event. In 2013 Europe’s most talented young science lovers will gather in Luxembourg.

On April 28 during the EUSO 2012 closing ceremony in the hall of Lithuanian Science Academy Luxembourg delegation was presented with a part of EUSO culture… literally! EUSO 2012 director Paulius L. Tamošiūnas, EUSO president Michael A. Cotter and the country coordinator of Luxembourg Mr. Jeff Kohnen put on white lab coats and performed a symbolic ritual of inoculation of bacteria cell culture: a part of cell culture from EUSO 2012 Petri dish was transferred on a next years’ EUSO hosts’ plate. This procedure may seem a bit unusual but symbolism behind this kind of torch is clear for science lovers – life should be maintained! The whole procedure was filmed so the audience was able to observe every single one hand movement.

Well, let the number of bacteria increase as our desire to gather for the next unforgettable European Union science festival – EUSO – increases! See you at EUSO 2013 in Luxembourg!

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