EUSO2012 volunteers met for training

EUSO2012 volunteers met for training

Time: Sat 11.02.2012 0800; Location: Vilnius, capital of Lithuania; Weather conditions: Freezing cold

Seems unlikely to get up so early? When it comes to volunteering in EUSO 2012 – all you do is jump out of your bed and make your way to the Vilnius University, the Faculty of Chemistry, where our first volunteer training took place.

After listening to welcoming words from Paulius Tamošiūnas, Lina Kungytė and Kotryna Vaidžiulytė (initiators of this training session) volunteers were split into teams and were given a task – remember as many facts as possible, considering the upcoming EUSO 2012. The result – over 60 facts – should be an evidence of how our colleagues are determined and waiting for this event!

After a short lunch break and having consumed immense amount of pizzas our volunteers were split into teams again to act as “optimists“ and “pessimists“ – the former ones had to come up with ideas of how to spend any free minute of the schedule, and the latter tried to make up lots of scenarios, in which things don‘t go as expected and have to be kept under control. Every problem was coupled with at least two solutions, and after the discussion we felt much more confident about our time in April.

However, every day comes to an end at some point, so we had our last task – join a group photo and write our personal wishes to all of you, who are coming to Lithuania. Who might have thought that such fun and productive Saturdays ever existed?

So there is a little something volunteers wanted you to know:

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